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Elite dating agency covers the entire French territory, along with an International reach.

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Interviews with Guerda are held at high-end places, in our offices, or in the privacy of your home. Our director is elite agence rencontre love expert, and she travels to provide her services all over the world. Our reputation is built upon a solid foundation of high-end, world-class Luxury and VIP services. Moreover, the now well-known Guerda was invited many times over on TV shows where she managed to match people up on live TV — couples who are now still going strong!

Moreover, Elite Connexion high-end matchmaking agency values quality over quantity, and empowers you to experience the love you deserve — a quality, serious, long-term relationship.

Agence matrimoniale sérieuse à Paris, Bordeaux et dans toute la France

Among our members you may find CEOs, doctors, lawyers, artists and such. They come from all walks of life and all countries. Furthermore, the reputation of our high-end matchmaking agency founded in is time tested.

elite agence rencontre

Building real, lasting love Building real, lasting love Our members are financially independent, high-achiever types who look for a mate with similar qualities. As such, you will be experiencing tailor-made dates with people from the same socio-economic background who are also committed to building a long-lasting relationship.

Elite Connexion Agence Matrimoniale Haut de Gamme

Furthermore, due to our professionalism and commitment to protecting your privacy, your information is safe with us. Our elite agence rencontre rely on Elite Connexion, because they may be too busy with their careers to look for that special someone! That is what brings them to our high-end matchmaking agency, so they can be supported and guided in their search for a soulmate.

Leveraging her immense experience and intuition, Guerda is able to find and match you with that special someone. Elite Dating agency is a very exclusive, tailor-made experience for our clients.

Guerda has the experience and expertise necessary to hand-pick the male and female profiles she wants in her database. She proceeds to select people whom she wants to match up, and she puts them in touch. The media often call upon Guerda and you can find her working on live TV and radio. As you see, if you are looking for quality, just say the word and Elite Dating agency can make the magic happen!

elite agence rencontre

Our luxury agency has a national and international database Our Paris and Bordeaux offices Elite Connexion operates both in France and abroad. Please do reach out if you are looking for more information on our national or international matchmaking services : En savoir plus Our values Every one of our members receives personalized and appropriate attention. Guerda will stop at nothing to reach the goals you have established together.

Agence matrimoniale sérieuse à Paris, Bordeaux et dans toute la France Nos agences matrimoniales sérieuses, avec un service haut de gamme, luxe et VIP, sont leader sur Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon… Elite Connexion, agence matrimoniale haut de gamme, est notamment la seule à proposer des services sur-mesure et VIP afin de mieux cerner votre personnalité et connaître davantage votre mode de vie.

Respect Elite Connexion, our luxury agency is committed to operating with the utmost respect and kindness. Discretion Your privacy is important to us. Elite Connexion is committed to the utmost discretion all throughout our work together.

Customer service Customer service is our 1 priority, starting from the onboarding process and all throughout your experience with the Elite Connexion team. Trust Guerda and her entire team will be there for you, establishing mutual trust and transparency.


High-end service More than 18 million singles in France, finding that perfect soulmate elite agence rencontre be a daunting task. With Elite Connexion, you capitalize on high-end, personalized services in order to maximize your chances with high-profile, commitment-minded people.

First and foremost, Guerda selects her clients herself. This allows her to create perfect balance and harmony within her matchmaking agency. Guerda and her team will support your efforts in finding love, sometimes calling upon a network of professionals — makeover pros, hairdressers, love coaches, counselors and such — in order to maximize your chances.

elite agence rencontre

This is why she is often called upon as a love coach on TV and radio shows. With the success of our Elite Dating agency, Guerda also created a spinoff agency: Glamour pour Tous.

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We are not able to design an entire website in English for SEO reasons. Guerda works best over the phone and is fluent in several languages. Please call for further information 00 33 1 44 10 41

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