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The affiliation platform has opened up and optimised its service offering to become a leader in affiliation. The affiliation programmes available at PRELINKER provide webmasters with only the most lucrative of online advertiser products and services which meet the needs of a wide audience.

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PRELINKER's aim is to help its affiliates make as much money as possible both quickly and over the long term by offering them affiliation programmes that reflect their traffic. We can premiere rencontre avec sa belle fille you a range of activities and products with varying payment scales.

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Simply log on to the registration page and complete the form. You will be automatically registered.

Our affiliation program

You will not be asked to make any investment. Thanks to our win-win revenue sharing payment system, we can only perform well if you do too.

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Your success is our commitment. What is the minimum amount you have to earn before you can withdraw your money? You can then request that payment be made via the payment management interface.

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What payment and payout conditions do you offer? The default payment system is the Revenue Share system.

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Payment methods used include Payoneer, PayPal, cheque and bank transfer. How do you define a member and a subscriber?

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A provisional member is someone who has visited the site, filled in the form, providing all of the compulsory information requested, and in confirming their email address by clicking on the confirmation link contained in the email sent to them by the site on which they have registered becomes a full member. Affiliation site de rencontre members are recorded. A subscriber, meanwhile, is someone who has followed the same process but has also taken out a subscription in order to enjoy the full range of services the site offers.

What is a White Label?


The White Label provides any webmaster with a series of high-performance technological tools affiliation site de rencontre creating their own site, without disclosing the name of the original publisher.

Your site will work based on our member base and you will be able to promote it using our many promotional tools.

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For further information on the White Label products available please visit the following site: White Label. What is brand promotion? You do not, therefore, have to create your own site, but just choose the brands that are likely to be of interest to your traffic.

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  • S'inscrire au programme d'affiliation Carpediem Prelinker Prelinker est un must pour monétiser un trafic mainstream.

How can I incorporate banners into my site? Simply take the following steps to incorporate banners into your sites: - Visit the 'Promotional tools' and then 'Banners' sections - Select the site and the type of banners you wish to use - Copy and paste the banner code to incorporate it into your site You can perform the same operation on as many sites as you wish.

En savoir plus les affiliations :

The banners include a tracking system for recording the members that have taken out subscriptions on your site or the one you are promoting. How can I view my statistics? How are members and subscribers recorded? Registrations and subscribers from your sites are recorded using our tracking tools. All of the information is transferred to your statistical interface in real time. How often are my statistics updated?

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Results are graded by the second. Your data is updated in real time to enable you to easily and efficiently monitor it. What are the conditions governing the validation and acceptance of my site? The affiliate vouches for any content they provide on their site and guarantees that this content does not contradict the law or Internet usage policies, including but not limited to the following: - No content of a libellous, insulting, inappropriate, injurious, hateful, racist, xenophobic, paedophilic, homophobic or revisionist nature or that might represent an invasion of privacy or an attack on the honour or reputation of any other party, threatening a person or a group of people, or representing a breach of public order or of good moral standards.

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Any affiliated site that fails to observe these rules and regulations will be held solely responsible for any proceedings or complaints pertaining thereto. I have a specific request and lots of ideas - can you help me realise them?

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We listen to what all of our affiliates have to say and we endeavour to meet their requests as best we can. Should you have any particular requests relating to web affiliation, please contact your Account manager or use the section contact.

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